Swap and Earn
Tokens Using Our FORTE & DURO Coin

Connect your wallet on the Binance Smart Chain and Begin Trading Instantly

  • FORTE: 0x152ECf62b31C63a484a2f191EC30b2A4422aFfbf
  • DURO: 0x0a38BDFaEF82ef7C51AdAB42b9BD1dd547f15918

Create Liquidity

Our automated market maker defines the standard to create liquidity pools, provide liquidity and swap assets without the headache.

Stake in on Yielding Farms

Earn a passive income. Move your LP tokens in and out of different DeFi apps and receive a percentage of the pool’s LP tokens.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

Our protocol and interface allow for single and pool swaps between tokens instantaneously by connecting your BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet

Real Time Trading - Dark X Webflow Template

Evaluate Swap Options Between Tokens

Saving Account - Dark X Webflow Template

Place Limit Orders to Trade at a Set Price

Advanced Charts - Dark X Webflow Template

Connect, Add or Remove Liquidity for Token Transactions

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Speculate on Future Values with Perpetuals

FORTE and DURO Strengthens Swaps

Down to our fundamentals, our coins are central to our ecosystem. optimized for buying, earning and farming.