Swap and Earn
Tokens Using Our FORTE & DURO Coin

Connect your wallet on the Binance Smart Chain and Begin Trading Instantly

Create Liquidity

Our automated market maker defines the standard to create liquidity pools, provide liquidity and swap assets without the headache.

Stake in on Yielding Farms

Earn a passive income. Move your LP tokens in and out of different DeFi apps and receive a percentage of the pool’s LP tokens.

Eliminate the Unnecessary

Our protocol and interface allow for single and pool swaps between tokens instantaneously by connecting your BNB Smart Chain-compatible wallet

Real Time Trading - Dark X Webflow Template

Evaluate Swap Options Between Tokens

Saving Account - Dark X Webflow Template

Place Limit Orders to Trade at a Set Price

Advanced Charts - Dark X Webflow Template

Connect, Add or Remove Liquidity for Token Transactions

Career Growth - Dark X Webflow Template

Speculate on Future Values with Perpetuals

FORTE and DURO Strengthens Swaps

Down to our fundamentals, our coins are central to our ecosystem. optimized for buying, earning and farming.