Our community has launched our own coin to facilitate your swapping process for tokens on our portal. Transparent transactions. Effortless acquisitions. Community-driven change.

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4% redistribution between all holders

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LP Acquisition

3% liquidity generated with every trade

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Token Burn

2% of tokens are burned to maintain value

Fortaleza Whitepaper

Access our whitepaper, informing you on the complex, but accessible, crypto and coin markets currently available to you with Fortaleza Digital.

How to get started

Usually creating a DEX can be cumbersome and require a lot of backend work. Not with Fortaleza, these 3 simple steps will have you exchanging your assets in no time.


Register to our servers

Register to our servers by creating an account with us, including your basic information, as well as region, and network.


Keep Track of Your Valuable Data

Registration will then provide your with a private key and public access for smart contracts. Make sure to store this in a safe place.

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Start earning money

Start minting, buying and selling your tokens with our exchange platform. We will take care of the rest, including token smart and vendor contracts.