A New Era Has Arrived.

Blockchain trading all in one place. Infrastructure for crypto transactions. Defi Coin trading. NFT marketplace. Metaverse developments. If it’s WEB3, then we’re involved and leading the way.

200+ Tokens available

Easy Access to the WEB3 World

We’ve done all work in advance so your experience of WEB3 is seamless. Buying Crypto? Not a problem. Trading DeFi Coins? Of course. Creating your first NFT? Certainly.

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Trade Like a Pro

We are designed to get you trading like a professional in no time. Our no-hassle interfaces means we do the heavy lifting while you profit.

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Quick and Easy

Take charge with a variety of Fortaleza insider features which allow risk-free portfolio oversight. Create your account now for our member-only resources.

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Boost Your portfolio

Optimize your assets with the most popular cryptocurrencies available in the market, follow their profit and watch the game change.

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Worry-Free Trading

Thanks to our web and app developments, you can trade anywhere at anytime with the highest tech options.

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Avoid Danger & Rest Assured

All your transactions are safe and secure, guaranteed by the #1 platform for temporary asset safe keeping, Fireblocks.

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Cold Wallet Standard

We have a high standard for data safety -  your crypto assets are disconnected from the internet, providing the highest security standards.

What We Value

Transparency. Decentralization. Open-source. A vision for community connection. All the while

Real Time Trading - Dark X Webflow Template

Swap with our FORTE

Trade, earn, increase your crypto gains on our platform.

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Breakthrough NFT Creation

Why wait any longer? Your collection is a easy-to-use NFT platform

Introducing Fortaleza Card

Start accepting digital transactions for yourself and your business today with our Premium Fortaleza Card.

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Accept Payments

Make money now for the future and open up your wallet to new forms of assets, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and many more.

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Process Payments

Aside from accepting payments for you or your business, the Fortaleza Card allows you to make payments.

Register today & start earning towards your future.

How to get started

You are minutes away from the WEB3 World. Congratulations, trailblazer! There are 5 simple steps you need to continue on your exhilarating adventure. Create an account with us, a secured Chain Wallet and deposit funds to begin.


Create your account

Enter basic profile information, such as name, email and phone number. Then, create a username and password. Note: remember to keep it hidden and in a secure location for recovery.


Create your Wallet

Download the Binance Chain Wallet and install the extension. Log in with your Gmail account and verify to begin deposits. Keep track of your seed phrase to recover your account in the future.


Add Funds To Your Account

Add the FORTE coin to create a liquidity pool. Create a trusted wallet with Binance Smart Chain to create secure transactions. Make sure to look for verification requests.


Customize Your Profile

Decide on your first ventures, whether it be NFTs, swaps, or coin, and customize your page to convey your digital identity. Change your layout, watch for your market and design to your heart’s content.


Start Earning Today

Invest in the right future and make money along the way. Watch your funds increase with special rewards and acquisitions within your community. Buy, or receive, payments for NFTs. Create and exchange in the Metaverse. All WEB3 right in your hands.

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